Powerful Automated Testing Platform

The demand for automation testing skills and experience is on the rise in all industries. Why is test automation important? Professional software testers are expected to properly test solutions on many Web browsers running on many devices. Test automation solutions can reduce testing cycles, increase team productivity, and improve time to market strategies. Webtesting.io is a test automation platform that simplifies automated test script development and management.

Webtesting.io has two automated testing platforms:
Automated Web UI Testing Edition and Automated API Testing Edition

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Save Money

Minimize the need to hire lots of human power to do manual testing. Create powerful and repeatable automated test scripts without any programming!

Save Time

Create your script-less automated tests in Microsoft Excel, and Webtesting.io will run end-to-end automated tests against your Websites. The automated test information, and results may also be stored in the cloud to increase team workflow productivity.

Be Agile

Continuously test your Web and e-commerce solutions after every build without any human intervention. Stop waiting until the software is ready for QA to perform regression testing.

A test automation solution that requires no coding!

Define your data-driven test cases in either YAML or JSON for API Testing in Microsoft Excel. Webtesting.io is based on a powerful SaaS-based test automation platform, which includes bindings to Selenium, Protractor, Appium, and PhantomJS. Each test case is deployed in real-time to the cloud (your environment is an option). Real-time results are recorded and displayed in Microsoft Excel. A meaningful test summary is automatically generated once your test cases have been executed.


Webtesting.io supports many different types of automated testing, and real-time test data sharing within Microsoft Excel.

Data-Driven Testing

data-driven testing

Webtesting.io is based on data-driven testing principles, and recognizes the Web application's object names, and properties to identify testable elements. This approach is more reliable than automated testing tools that depend on coordinate locations to identify testable elements.

Regression Testing

regression testing

With Webtesting.io, end-to-end regression testing may be performed for each software build, and ran against the latest versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Apple Safari and Mozilla Firefox using Selenium WebDriver as the automated test harness. Webtesting.io supports Selenium IDE's test case commands.

Visual Testing with Pixel Comparison

visual testing

Webtesting.io may capture and display screenshots of each functional test performed, and compare the rendering of Web pages or e-commerce applications between various builds. The number of unmatched pixels is automatically reported.

Security Penetration Testing

penetration testing

Webtesting.io allows QA professionals to run security penetration tests as often as needed. With constantly evolving industry security standards such as PCI, and HIPAA, it is imperative to have a flexible automated penetration testing platform.

API Testing

API Testing

Webtesting.io's data-driven, automated API testing solution allows QA professionals to perform tests for each of your API operations. Webtesting.io supports REST, SOAP,XML and WebSockets API testing. Click here to learn more about our Freemium product: JSON Web Services Automated Testing Platform

Real-time Team Reporting

excel based cloud architecture

Webtesting.io is cloud-friendly, and is one the first automated testing solutions to fully integrate Microsoft Excel with the power of cloud. QA teams may share their Excel-based test data in real-time automatically.

WebSockets API Automated Testing

Webtesting.io is one of the only automated testing solutions that supports WebSockets API and Protocol testing. As more Web, e-commerce and Internet of Things (IoT) applications use WebSockets as its underlying communication protocol, it is important for QA professionals to use automated testing solutions to scale their testing efforts.